Everything you need to know about Ola Electric’s Diwali Event

Ola Electric Diwali Event

Ola Electric is expected to touch upon MoveOS 3, New Battery, and Accessories in their upcoming Diwali Event. Here is everything you want to know about the event.

MoveOS 3

It is confirmed that Ola Electric will be launching MoveOS 3 on Diwali. The rollout is supposed to happen in a phased manner. As of now, the S1 and the S1 Pro will be getting the MoveOS 3. Having said that, it is highly likely that Ola will not offer all the new features on the S1 considering it is a lower-end variant.

Ola’s affordable scooter

Ola Electric is working on a more affordable version of the scooter. It could be unveiled at the Diwali event. The scooter will be going directly against the mainstream petrol-powered scooters. So, the new variant should be priced aggressively, if it wants to compete against the popular scooters. It would be less powerful, come with fewer features and have less riding range.

New battery

Ola Electric is also working on a new battery design which was revealed by CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal. “Our first indigenously made Li-ion cell! The cell is the heart of the EV revolution. We need to make our own technology to scale faster and innovate. Much more in the pipeline on our cell technology roadmap!” wrote Aggarwal in his tweet.


Ola Electric is working on accessories for the S1 and S1 Pro. As of now, it is not known what all accessories will be offered with the electric scooters. They could be a centre stand, a footrest, a tyre pressure monitoring system etc.

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