Did BJP Planned Pulwama Attack for Modi ?

On the verge of the elections Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Popularity was going down. There are various factors to this like Demonetization, GST Implementation which in turn was a huge impact on the small scale businesses. This impact led to low employment ever. Meanwhile, when India’s youth is struggling to get the jobs in private sector, Private sector is under tremendous pressure to keep their book of records clear.

Along with this Agriculture sector is also unable to perform as expected. Poor is becoming poor and rich people are migrating from the country and This government is serving nothing but the patriotism…!

India is united and always will be. For this to continue it is not mandatory to have surgical strikes and the specific government in position. No doubt this government has impact globally but the internal structure is becoming weaker and weaker.

Under these circumstances popularity of the Modi Government was lowering and if you observe the impact of surgical strike, there is a drastic change in popularity this makes us rethink the basics of the politics. As we shouldn’t forget the Godhra and its ties to the Narendra Modi in Government. Godhra changed the Narendra Modi’s Statesmanship and Surgical strikes may have impact also.

So to conclude this article was just a speculation not a allegations to Indian Prime Minister.

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